A little bit about me

     I have been a horse back rider, and a horse lover since the age of 7.  I have had some amazing instructors and coaches that have taught me to listen carefully to what my equine partner is telling me so that we can work together towards a common goal.   Along with my first true love, Chester (Mr. Fields to those he doesn't know as well), we have swam, field hunted, evented and hacked through bear country.

    After studying at the University of Guelph, I decided to pursue my interest in animal health care by going to Seneca College and completing a diploma as a Veterinary Technician.  I have now been out of school for 5 years and I spend 3 days a week at the 404 Veterinary Emergency and Referral Hospital in Newmarket, taking care of our smaller 4 legged friends.  

    In 2010, I decided to combine my 2 loves - horses and animal health care by becoming a Certified Equine Massage Therapist.   Since then I have enjoyed meeting new people and their animals; helping them work through everything from injury to a strange new response to a familiar event or stimulus.   My favourite part of every massage is the reaction that each animal has to my prodding and wiggly fingers. Each patient is different and responds in their own way, so every day is different, which makes my job just that much better.

    I am now living in Mount Albert, On, with my husband Michel, my daughter Madeleine and our small menagerie of  2 dogs Roni and Pfeffer, our odd cat Basement cat and of course, Chester.