Available Services

Assessment and First Massage: $65.00

  • assessment of horse in motion and in cross ties
  • saddle assessment 
  • initial massage and development of treatment plan

Follow-up massage treatment: $50.00

  • continual massage therapy treatments as  defined at assessment
  • may include magnet therapy, hydrotherapy, massage, reiki and stretches

Event day tune ups: $100.00

  • I stay at the show all day, start of day massage  to loosen tight massages, rub downs, hydrotherapy and hand walking after each class/stage of the day
  • must have had assessment prior to even day
  • group rates available
Post injury rehabilitation planning - price changes with services requested
  • this can include hydrotherapy, massage, hand walking, massage, magnet therapy, pressure wraps and stretches.


Canine Massage:

Usually these sessions last about 1/2 hour and include massage and an introduction to stretches you can do to keep your furry friend feeling great.

In home assessment and massage: $45

Follow up massage treatment: $30

Massage can also be arranged in conjunction with rehabilitation services through the 404 Veterinary Emergency and Referral Hospital in Newmarket Ontario. These include ultrasound, laser therapy and underwater treadmills - great for building muscle after surgery or keeping fit during the freezing winter.